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The season of Lists

The turn of the year means many people’s email inboxes and RSS feeds are filled with Lists of the Year – either the best of the last 12 months or predictions for the next. As the seasonal spirit hasn’t quite deserted me yet, I thought I’d offer some of the more interesting ones to have been thrown my way.

First, my Edelman colleagues Steve Rubel and David Armano are offering their predictions for 11 digital trends to watch in 2011. The theme is that there will increasingly be a lot of information coming at us, yet the same amount of time to digest it all.

Picking up on that theme is J Walter Thompson ( with their predicted trends for 2011 – where information overload and the need to “de-tech” is one to watch.

Next, Poynter are offering 10 lessons for the future from women in Media. From Ushahidi to ProPublica to Danah Boyd’s presentation at SXSW, women are thankfully making real impact in future media.

Finally, PR Daily helpfully pulls together Twitter, Youtube and Facebook’s trends of the year …

On with the next 12 months…

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Richard Sambrook is Global Vice Chairman and Chief Content Officer for Edelman. Before joining Edelman, Richard worked in the BBC when he ran BBC Sport, BBC News and finally the BBC’s Global News Division.